What is Live-in Care?

Live-in home care arrangements involve trained carers moving into people’s homes to provide on-hand assistance with domestic tasks and medical needs. Regulated live-in care programs allow individuals to live independently in their own homes. In addition to that, home care services are a more cost-effective solution than residential care homes.

Fully trained live-in carers provide Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated services in everyday life. This may include personal care, support with housekeeping tasks (preparing meals, cleaning, doing the laundry), mobility assistance, medication management, and emotional companionship.

Live-in-home care services offer person-centred, humanised care for individuals with complex needs in their most familiar surroundings. Your care provider will include your needs, preferences and boundaries in the care package plan so that you receive support in a dignified and respectful environment.

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What are Live-in Care Services?

Live-in care is an umbrella term that includes various services for individuals with different health conditions and needs. When you seek to arrange live-in care for a loved one, assessing their specific needs and finding an adequate level of service to maximise their quality of life is essential.

Below are the most common live-in care options for individuals with complex needs:

Conditions That Require Live-in Care

As a full-time, dedicated care concept, live-in care programs are ideal for individuals with various life-changing health conditions. Live-in carers can support people who have dementia, stroke, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as severe learning disabilities and mental health disorders.

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What is a Live-in Carer?

Live-in carers are professional assistants who provide interdisciplinary, round-the-clock support for people with complex care needs. A fully trained carer enables clients to continue to live independently at home by tending to their healthcare needs and assisting them with everyday activities. These specialists provide live-in care tailored to the service users’ requirements and preferences.

What is the Role of a Live-in Carer?

A live-in care provider is a full-time professional assistant who moves into the service user’s family home to fulfil a wide range of care needs. Working as a practitioner in a live-in care agency involves providing bespoke one-to-one support for individuals with complex care needs while they remain at home.

Every live-in care service provider is obliged to offer fully managed support. For that purpose, a care manager typically supervises each support team and makes sure they offer 24-hour care to the highest ethical standards.

Throughout the day, life-in carers fulfil the following responsibilities:

Specialist Live-in Care

Specialist care caters to the needs of individuals with complex conditions, such as dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and cancer. With fully regulated, 24-hour care at home, people with complex health needs can continue to live close to their family members and retain their independence.

Practitioners in complex domiciliary care should pass special training to provide adequate support for service users with these conditions.

What Qualities Does a Live-in Carer Need?

Providing regulated live-in care is a uniquely responsible and demanding job. Therefore, an excellent live-in carer needs to possess certain natural qualities and knowledge attained through comprehensive training.

The following traits are crucial for live-in carers to make an impact on people’s lives:

What Does a Live-in Carer Need?

Before arranging a live-in care program for a loved one with complex needs, family members need to consider several steps for the carer’s accommodation. A pleasant and welcoming environment will motivate the live-in carer to dedicate their time and energy to providing top-notch support.

That being said, here are the essential requirements for accommodating a live-in care provider in your home:

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Why Choose Live-in Care?

Live-in care is an increasingly popular and appealing solution for people with complex needs and their families. While the available options for live-in care cost approximately as much as admission to a care home, live-in care introduces a new perspective on supporting vulnerable individuals. Unlike the average care home, live-in care programs enable service users to get the assistance they need in their family home, close to their loved ones.

Access to adequate care in the comfort of your home enhances the person’s independence, confidence, and general well-being. Live-in care is an interdisciplinary service that can help individuals with different levels of care needs. Depending on the service user’s needs, live-in carers may provide long-term companionship and support or short-term care in the recovery period after surgery.

Knowing that your loved one receives fully managed live-in care offers peace of mind for the whole family. Live-in care providers follow a personalised plan for every service user and prioritise the individual’s specific requirements and wishes. Experienced care providers are trained to handle symptoms of various conditions and behaviours that may challenge.

Live-in Care Services

Benefits of Live-in Care

Live-in care is a comprehensive, tailored approach to personal care for individuals with complex needs and their families. Access to live-in care allows people with a wide range of medical conditions to pursue an independent and fulfilling life whilst staying close to their loved ones. A fully managed live-in care team can provide the 24-hour support you need in the comfort of your own home.

Employing a complex live-in care team brings the following benefits to service users:

Overall, a tailored live-in care program can provide stability and peace of mind for the person with complex support needs and their whole family.

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Live-in Care vs Care Home

The first advantage of live-in care, compared to a residential home, is that with live-in care, you can remain in the comfort of your own home, which can help reduce any nerves or anxiety about moving out and having to live with strangers. Your family will still be able to visit you in the same place, and they won’t need to travel any further or constantly try to find you in different places.

The second advantage is that your mealtimes, diet, and other requirements will remain the same as before. A residential or care home often has specific mealtimes and a set menu to which you will need to adjust. Staying at home means you remain in charge, and you won’t have to adapt to eating at different times or food. You will still be able to eat your favourite meals as often as you like.

One of the main advantages of live-in care is that for a reasonable fee, you will have personalized support from the same carer, who will be specially trained for your needs. This differs from a residential home because they would likely provide you with a set of different carers who would visit at different times. These carers would also have multiple customers to interact with, so the process might be slower. Whereas in the comfort of your own home, with a career that you have chosen, you are in full control.

Another area where you will remain in control is your routine. Your daily life will still be up to you. You can work on your preferred daily schedule, and your carer will work to accommodate it, and it will be their job to ensure that all your requests are met. The difference with a care home would be that they often require their customers to adapt to a different lifestyle. For example, you might be having breakfast or washing at different times.

As mentioned earlier, family and friends can visit as often as they want. Your family won’t need to worry about visiting times, signing in, or interacting with numerous carers. With live-in care, your family will have the chance to interact with the same carer each time they visit, giving them consistent feedback and information on how their loved one is getting on.

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How to Find the Right Live-in Carer for You?

Finding a reliable carer is essential in ensuring live-in care for yourself or a close one with support needs. If you are in an ongoing search for an agency that provides CQC-regulated services in the UK, Leaf Complex Care is the right choice. In the Leaf family, our ultimate mission is to reshape the perception in a way that focuses on the client’s privacy, dignity, and preferred lifestyle.

For our trained team, providing bespoke care is a career and a life calling. Leaf’s experienced carers imprint patience and kindness in every live-in care arrangement they take on. Our practitioners are impact-driven, compassionate, and dedicated to removing the social barriers imposed on individuals with complex care needs.

Leaf Complex Care offers cost-effective live-in care packages for people of any age and level of service needs in Bristol, Exeter, Slough, Somerset and the Midlands. Call us on our phone number or contact us via our email address, and we will outline a tailored plan according to your wishes.

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Jobs in Live-in Care

If you are an aspiring support worker who strives to help vulnerable individuals live fulfilling and independent lives, Leaf Complex Care is the ideal company to advance your career. We offer free training and a motivating work environment where your efforts will be acknowledged and rewarded with various employee benefits. Please send us your resume now to become a potential part of the Leaf team and positively impact people’s lives.