In-house Therapeutic Support That Enhances People's Quality of Life

The therapy team provides specialist support in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy. Our primary aim is to help people learn skills to better manage their behaviours and gain greater independence.

In-house multidisciplinary team of therapists

Guaranteed responsiveness within a week

Expertise that provides a high standard of care

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Our Purpose

We strive to recognise the uniqueness of each person we serve and tailor our support to meet their specific needs.


Highly qualified in Positive Behaviour Support and PROACT-SCIPr, our team’s purpose is to support people’s life choices and interests through:

  • Creating a safe and supportive environment
  • Focusing on person-centred care and support that reduces restrictive practices, particularly around physical interventions
  • Helping people improve their ability to perform daily tasks and engage in various activities
  • Helping people understand and better manage behaviours of concern
  • Developing communication strategies and interventions that support the independence of each person

Our Expertise

Our primary focus is always on quality of life. Therefore, our emphasis on creating person-centric ways of support, applying the PERMA model for well-being and the Capable Environments Model is integral to everything we do.

Based on their extensive professional experience with organisations such as NHS and the National Autistic Society, our therapy team is trained to find the best outcome for every person they support.

Below are the services provided by our therapy team:

Explore our range of services and therapeutic support.

Leaf Complex Care is part of Catalyst Care Group. Our therapy team and services are included in all care provided by the Family of Organisations under the Catalyst Care Group.

The Difference We Make

The therapy team’s main goal is to improve the quality of life of the people we support. As a team, they are deeply involved in helping people thrive in their own homes and communities. At Leaf Complex Care, we believe that by delivering holistic care and humanised support, we can provide people with the opportunity to rise above their daily challenges.

By adopting improved routines and learning new ways of communication, we strongly believe that people can reach their full potential and live their desired life. This is the driving force behind our team as we strive to deliver positive outcomes for the people we serve, their families, and the stakeholders involved in their care journey.

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‘’We work to make sure that we involve families, social workers and everyone involved in that person’s life so that we get everyone’s views. So, to speak, we make sure everything we do, all interventions are based on PBS and empirical research, serving as best practice for analysing the behaviour of those with whom we work.’’
– Amy Butler, Therapy Team Lead / PBS Specialist Practitioner and Coach

We support people in building meaningful relationships, engaging in activities they cherish, and pursuing their interests.

Meet the Team


Amy Butler

PBS Specialist Practitioner, Coach, and Therapy Team Lead


Kelly Skinner

PBS Specialist Practitioner and PBS Lead


Georgina Rickard

Restrictive Practice Lead and Specialist Practitioner in Therapeutic Approaches


Benjamin Andrew

PBS Coach and Multimedia Specialist


Steve Blackmore

PBS Specialist


Lisa Frances

PBS Specialist


Darren Moyle

PBS Specialist


Fiona McLaren

PBS specialist


Jodee Simpson

Speech and Language Therapist

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Ophelia Xeri

Occupational Therapist