CQC Regulated

Complex Care: Supporting People to Live Life on Their Own Terms

Enabling human-first support in people’s own homes, delivered by care teams highly trained in strengths-based practices, meeting people’s desired outcomes.

Autism and Learning Disability Care

Highly Trained Support Workers

An In-house multidisciplinary team of therapists




Human-centred Support that Everyone Deserves

Leaf Complex Care is a social care provider offering tailored complex care support primarily for autistic people and people living with a learning disability in the comfort of their own homes. We understand how challenging it can be for many individuals to live great lives in their own local communities, with the right to live the life they desire.

Aligned with people’s needs, our support workers provide person-centred and CQC-regulated care based on Positive Behaviour Support approaches. Through detailed planning, we help people who require complex care to achieve their aspirations and live as independently as possible.

Take a moment and listen to Jacob’s mother sharing her son’s care journey on maximising his life choices with Leaf Complex Care.

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We believe people deserve support that empowers them to make decisions about the care they receive based on their unique needs and personal choices.

Leaf Complex Care’s support workers undergo a wide range of mandatory and optional training. They are fully involved in supporting people to receive care that fits their health, social and emotional needs.

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Our Therapy Team

Leaf Complex Care’s in-house therapists strive to use methods of communication that suit the person, enabling caring support and trust. Our therapists’ aim is to create a presence where person-centred therapeutic intervention can impact people positively.

The In-house Therapy Team Consists Of:

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Specialists

Speech and Language Therapists

Occupational Therapists

CQC Ratings

Delivering the right support and the right care at the right time with the right culture are paramount. Read our CQC reports to gain more insight into our care provision and why families and care professionals utilise our services.

Rapid Response Service

Our crisis support service has been developed to help people experiencing challenging times, ensuring they can smoothly transition back home after unnecessary hospitalisations. We also work to avoid unnecessary admissions through timely intervention and support.

Get the right care in place within 4-6 hours of the initial call, depending on your location.

Consistency of Care

Recognising the evolving nature of the person’s needs is at the heart of our work because every care journey matters and our people matter. We provide:

Continuous support to 40+ families

High-quality care through 160+ support workers

Innovative support through 13+ therapy specialists

Helpful information 24/7 from our four offices in Bristol Slough, Birmingham and Somerset

Case Studies

It is all about ensuring a safe environment where people can be surrounded by the ones they love and participate in their own communities, accompanied by heart-led care teams. Please take a moment to watch our mini-documentaries.


Discover first-hand experiences from the families we support and gain insight into their care journeys through their testimonials.

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Your Feedback

Supporting people and their families will always be our priority. To continue our mission, we would love to hear your honest feedback. Your experiences help us see where we can improve in our journey to help people live their best lives.