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We deliver high-quality services of complex care that allow individuals to live as independently as possible at home and in their communities.

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Welcome to Leaf Complex Care

We offer CQC-regulated, tailored support for people with a learning disability, as well as care for people who might have complex needs.

Our clinicians are trained to provide the humanised care and support people so richly deserve.

At Leaf Complex Care, our story is a little different.

Our goal is to imprint kindness and compassion in everything that we do.

We are one big family, striving to support our people to feel happier, healthier, and as independent as possible.

If you are a social worker, commissioner, healthcare worker or family member looking for support, please contact us.

We look forward to speaking with you.

How can we support you

If you are a support worker looking for a company that’s a catalyst for your career growth, provides competitive rates, provides a never-ending supply of shifts and a chance to choose your work environment so you can deliver the best care, we can meet your needs.

At Leaf Complex Care, we invest in our support workers’ careers by encouraging them to advance their theoretical and practical capacity in areas of particular interest.
At our company, the training is free. Moreover, we ensure that your achievements are recognized and rewarded.

If you are struggling to find a complex care provider, all you need is to contact us! Our very best clinicians and support workers in the sector are ready to help you. They are impact-driven and compassionate. For them, ‘care’ is not just a career choice but a calling.

As a company, we provide tailored, complex care with the end goal of making our clients more independent and active participants in their community.

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We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with love, kindness, and compassion, and that’s our priority.

In this video, Maurizia, Will’s mother, talks openly about the challenges they faced in the past and how our support workers changed everything.

Hear their story.

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Our Services

Our highly skilled and experienced support workers provide heart-led, proactive services to people with complex care needs and challenging behaviours.
We offer personalized care. We tailor our service to your needs and provide you with the right care designed just for you.
When choosing Leaf Complex Care you get our expert opinion on the unique treatment and care suitable just for your needs.

All our services are tailored and CQC regulated.

Complex Care Support

Complex Care & Support

In this case, the role of the health laboratory is very important to do a disease detection…

Rapid Response Service

With a guarantee to commence the initial crisis assessment within 2 hours of your call!

Rapid Response Service

See our full range of Tailored Complex Care Services.

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My son P. lives with a learning disability, Autism and several additional diagnoses. The constant worries we used to have are behind us as a family since Leaf Complex Care started supporting P. The person-centred care changed P.’s life by meeting his needs and supporting him in such an understanding way. My son has gained greater independence and lives his best life. 


P.’s mum

Will has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, a learning disability, and a speech delay. Facing the challenges hand in hand with Leaf’s support workers changed everything in our lives, especially in Will’s. Through PBS practices and consistent support, Will became more stable and developed healthy habits, leading him to a much happier life. Ongoing training is also key, and I love the fact that Leaf puts emphasis on this. It is embedded in the ethics of the team.



Will’s mum

My son James lives with Sotos syndrome, Autism and epilepsy. He used to have escalating behaviour, but today, James is happy with his core team, and they are managing his behaviours well. With a skilled team, he now gets his own drinks from a jug, and he would never have been able to associate being thirsty and having a drink beforeThere is no question for me that James’ life has improved beyond measure, and without a skilled team, this could not have happened.


James’s mum

My son, Jacob, has been diagnosed with a brain injury associated with a learning disability and behavioural difficulty. Having the care and support that Leaf Complex Care provides to Jacob, I can now work from home, knowing that Jacob is safe and is out living his life. This gives Jacob a chance to be as independent as he is. Having the right provider who can deliver holistic and person-centred care means that Jacob’s needs are being met, which means our needs are met too.


Jacob’s mum

My mom, Hole, has been battling bipolar disorder and diabetes since she was 33 years old. When she was 57, her condition spiralled down. The support workers from Leaf Complex Care managed to improve her overall health. And with the help of a better psychiatrist, she switched her medications to suit her better. Now, she feels better and devotes her full attention to her grandchildren.

Mark Hole’s son

My daughter Mia had anorexia and bulimia and additionally battled depression. The support workers from Leaf Complex Care managed to stabilise her condition and improve her overall health. Now she’s gained weight, feels happier, and is looking forward to getting into college. The support workers continued calling to check up on her. They really care.

Mia’s mom

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The people we support tell the best story of our focused work and devotion to our core values Family, Impact and Teaming. They are imprinted in every service that we provide.

How to become a clinician?

At Leaf Complex Care, our clinicians are our heroes. They dedicate their time, energy and skills to impact our families’ lives for the better.

How to become a clinician

Working as a support worker at Leaf Care is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s a chance to be a part of something that will make a long-term difference in someone’s life.

How to begin your care journey


Send your personal information along with your resume



We will schedule the interview to get to know you a little better



Congratulations! You get to be part of our amazing Family


Be part of our family. We always go the extra mile for our employees!

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The exciting part is that you don’t have to pay for any additional training that you need.
In Leaf Complex Care, training is completely free!

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Are you a Case commissioner searching for expertise in Transforming care? Are you aiming to de-escalate a crisis, provide better-personalised care for people at their homes, or search for placements after an extended hospital stay?

Leaf Complex Care is known to its clients as the company of choice when they need highly skilled, professional, and caring staff for service users with the most complex needs.

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Contact us!

Our Impact Stories

We’re looking for people who share our values, goal, and vision. Apply now and join our family.

Gemma Clark Impact Story

Meet Gemma Clark
The general manager for
Leaf Complex Care Exeter

The crucial thing she shared is that Leaf Complex Care aims to provide a more humanised level of service. Hence, every service is person-centred and speaks to the people we support.

What is more important is that the clinicians’ and families’ input make a significant impact on improving the methods and the approach we will take in the future.

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Meet Emma Hunt
A clinician that works for
Leaf Complex Care

Emma tells her story that this is the best place to work for future clinicians. Furthermore, she says Leaf Complex Care has the right people to take care of and support your beloved one.

In Leaf Complex Care, she gets constant recognition. She always gets shifts assigned when she prefers and gets paid accordingly. This makes her work more flexible as she works two or three days a week.

Emma Hunt Impact Story
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Your Feedback

Supporting individuals, even with the most complex cases, will always be our priority. To
continue our mission, we would love to hear your honest feedback. Your experiences help
us see where we can improve in our journey to help people live their best lives.