Case Management & Commissioning

Our goal is to help people live better and happier lives.

We deliver high-quality services of complex care that allow individuals to live as independently as possible at home and in their communities.

Whether it’s caring for a child with autism and helping him cope with everyday activities or assisting a person with an eating disorder or ADHD, our primary goal is to help them become as independent as possible. We are here to do the due diligence.

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Are you a Case commissioner searching for expertise in Transforming care? Are you aiming to de-escalate a crisis, provide better-personalised care for people at their homes, or search for placements after an extended hospital stay?

Leaf Complex Care is known to its clients as the company of choice when they need highly skilled, professional, and caring staff for service users with the most complex needs.

Our company values of Family, Impact and Teaming infuse everything we do. We recognise the importance of family for our clients and treat them as one of our own.

We help our clients achieve shared goals and have a real impact on their quality of life. From the very first phone call to assessment to delivery of care, communication and the individual’s involvement in their care is key to our mutual success.

We take the most complex people, and by using humanised care and a proactive approach, we manage to introduce them to their community and help them have a purpose again.

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Our care team consists of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience. They have the training and clinical skills required to care for individuals with complex care needs.

Extending our expertise to you and providing help is what we do best. Contact us and let us help you!

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Our Impact stories speak about our company credibility and success


Gemma is the general manager for Leaf Complex Care and LD network, which are part of the Catalyst Care Group…


Katrina has been with our company for two years and comes from the healthcare sector, where she worked for ten years…


At Leaf Complex Care, we often do check-ups on our clients. We want to make sure that they are happy with our service…

The people we support tell the best story of our focused work and devotion to our core values Family, Impact and Teaming. They are imprinted in every service that we provide.


Our son Luke has autism. He had a series of failed placements six months before we contacted the team of experts from Leaf Complex Care. The personalised approach they use made a huge impact on Luke’s behaviour. Now he is more independent, calm, and happier.

Luke’s mom

My daughter Monika had agoraphobia. She was housebound for about six months. Leaf Complex Care dedicated support workers managed to get her out of the home doing activities she liked. Now she has a job and is very independent. Her support workers often call to ensure that she is on the right track. We are so grateful!

Monica’s mom

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Our son Oliver struggled with ADHD and was reluctant to take his medications and go to therapy. He developed depression and anxiety because he couldn’t cope. Leaf Complex Care teams’ devotion and perseverance managed to put Oliver’s life back on track. His focus has improved, and he is more independent and happier.

Oliver’s parents
Tracy and Mark

My mom, Hole, has been battling bipolar disorder and diabetes since she was 33 years old. When she was 57, her condition spiralled down. The support workers from Leaf Complex Care managed to improve her overall health. And with the help of a better psychiatrist, she switched her medications to suit her better. Now, she feels better and devotes her full attention to her grandchildren.

Hole’s son

My son Harry had multiple learning disabilities. It was tough for him to cope with school activities. We were impressed by the Leaf Complex Care team. They focused their efforts on engaging him in meaningful occupations. Now he has better confidence and concentration and wants to learn more and more every day.

Harry’s dad

My daughter Mia had anorexia and bulimia and additionally battled depression. The support workers from Leaf Complex Care managed to stabilise her condition and improve her overall health. Now she’s gained weight, feels happier, and is looking forward to getting into college. The support workers continued calling to check up on her. They really care.

Mia’s mom

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