Our values and culture

We are values-led, and our culture drives how we think, act, and interact. We are also people-led, which means we put everyone who works alongside us at the heart of everything we do.

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Our core values are Family, Impact and Teaming

Every person that works for our company is welcomed as part of our family. The bond we have with each other makes us stronger, happier, and more resilient to the challenges we face in the healthcare sector.

At Leaf Complex Care, we believe that together as a team, we can make an impact in people’s lives and change them for the better.

As we evolved as a company, we understood that to provide the best possible care for you, we need to be aligned as a team. This made our company stronger than ever and our clinicians happier in their roles, delivering the best possible tailored complex care.

To this day, our company culture revolves and supports these behaviours that align with our core values. We encourage everyone that works for Leaf Complex Care to adopt them.

Positive & Aspiring

We believe in our individual and collective ability, have certainty about our vision and purpose and aim to be the very best we can be and do the very best we can do for each other and for our clinicians and clients.

Open & Honest

We proactively cultivate strong relationships with one another and freely share ideas, problems, criticism, and decision-making without the fear of being judged.

Professional but relaxed

We strive to project professionalism intertwined with compassion, kindness, and high-quality standards within our company and clients.

Love & Kindness

We treat each other, our clinicians and our clients with compassion through our heart-centred approach. We encourage our clinicians to practise kindness in all relationships with our clients.

Clinician & Client-Centred

We recognize the importance and value of both our 'clinicians' and 'clients'. Therefore, we focus on developing a positive and proactive approach to both.

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Learning & Creativity

We are curious, open, and responsive to new ideas, which leads us to think outside of the box and develop new and creative ways of doing things.

Celebratory & Strong

We intentionally cultivate strong relationships with one another and freely share ideas, problems, criticism, and decision-making without fear of being judged.

Aligned & Collaborative

We prioritize our shared vision over our own agendas. We accept and appreciate "diversity," recognize each team member's role and actively work "together" to accomplish it.

Concentrated & Productive

Our operational processes and systems allow us to stay focused on our vision and goals while handling a high volume of work. We produce exceptional results fast.

Engaged & Diligent

We feel strongly connected to our vision and purpose, and we are energized by our role and the work we perform to achieve it.

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