Learn how our clinicians support individuals with complex care needs when they need it the most. The impact starts where compassion meets high-quality care.

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Chantelle Nyoso

A clinician that works for Leaf Complex Care

Chantelle is a support worker at Leaf Complex Care in Bristol and has worked with us for three years. She was inspired to pursue a career in healthcare due to the challenges faced by her niece. What makes Chantelle fulfilled in her role is making a difference by supporting people to achieve better outcomes with humanised and tailored care.

Hear what Chantelle has to say about person-centred care and the advice she shares with anyone aspiring to join the healthcare industry.

Charlotte Harris-Knight

Mini-documentary: A Day in the Life of a Support Worker

Finding a job you genuinely enjoy can give your life a sense of direction and meaning, but when it feels like more than just a job, that’s where the magic happens. Meet Charlotte, a support worker who goes about her day with quiet strength and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of those she supports.

Watch her story of dedication, compassion, and empathy.

Katrina Farley

A clinician that works for Leaf Complex Care

Katie has been with our company for two years and comes from a healthcare
background where she worked for ten years.

Her mission is to make a difference in people’s lives by offering humanised support.
Katrina instils kindness and compassion in everything she does, which is why she
loves working alongside a team that treats people as a family.

Hear what Katrina says about how valued she feels and the ongoing support
she receives from her managers and colleagues.

Emma Hunt

A clinician that works for Leaf Complex Care

With an impressive longstanding career in the care sector for 30 years, choosing this career path as an empath was intuitive and straightforward for Emma. Working with Leaf Complex Care changed everything for Emma, allowing her to share this compassion with her colleagues.
The freedom she experiences while providing support is something she cherishes daily, working with the right people for the right purpose.

Listen to Emma’s thoughts and feelings about working with Leaf Complex

Panagiotis Syrmas

A Healthcare Support Worker that works for Leaf Complex Care

Working as a support worker, Panagiotis, for almost two years now, primarily
supports individuals with mental health needs.
Panagiotis loves when, as a support worker, he is matched to the unique needs and desires of the person he supports. That way, the strong bond and communication grow into increased trust and respect, leading individuals to greater independence in every walk of life.
The compassionate work has also had a huge positive impact on his personal life.

Learn how the individual Panagiotis supported helped him gain a different
perspective and find peace in his relationship with his father.

Read more about our story


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