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Let us be your support system in managing crisis situations by providing proactive care and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) strategies

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How We Can Support You

Our Rapid Response team ensures people get the right care in place within 4-6 hours of the initial call, depending on the location provided. By addressing urgent needs and offering person-centred support, our service aims to prevent unnecessary hospitalisations. By ensuring people receive timely and proper care, we provide support focused on enabling people to feel safe in the comfort of their own homes.

Discover why care professionals and families utilise our rapid response services in times of crisis through our case studies.

Rapid Response becomes the first call of support for people experiencing challenging times. If you know someone experiencing a crisis,  please contact us today.

Our Service Delivery

Crisis and De-escalation Expertise

PROACT -SCIPr UK® and Positive Behaviour Support Strategies

Person-Centred Care

Find out more about our human-centred services and how our support workers provide 24-hour support in the comfort of your own home.

Our 4-Step Process


Fast Response on Initial Call

With a 4-6 hour turnaround guaranteed, our team is ready to provide urgent support through proactive, active, and reactive approaches and Positive Behaviour Support strategies.


Rapid Placement and Care Team Coordination

Our dedicated care team arrives equipped with all necessary documentation. We match our support workers with the unique needs of the person and their family, embodying a person-centred approach and ensuring a deep understanding.


Person-Centred Care Planning

Our team collaborates with people and families to create a personalised care plan. We streamline the process, ensuring a detailed plan is in place to guide the support.


Transitioning to Long-Term Care

Following de-escalation, we work to seamlessly transition individuals into long-term services and tailor support to their unique needs to help them live as independently as possible.

Family Time

We provide immediate support during a crisis by understanding the person’s needs. Then, we do regular check-ups and spend quality time with family members with one goal – to offer genuine support and peace of mind. Whether it’s having a coffee or going on a simple walk, we’re there for both the families and the supported individuals when they need support the most.

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We want people to feel safe and regain their independence, and we believe every family deserves timely and compassionate support in times when experiencing a crisis.

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