Case Studies

Discover how our humanised care change lives for individuals with complex needs by imprinting empathy in every care journey. Our support workers improve people's quality of life on their path to becoming more independent.

Supporting Richard’s Journey of Living Life on His Own Terms Through Proactive PBS Strategies

Richard is one of the young individuals we support to live a more fulfilled life who loves having long walks around in the woods and going out for social gatherings with his support workers. He is great at swimming and enjoys the time spent by the water. Richard also happens to have autism, global developmental delay, ADHD and is non-verbal

How Harley’s Strengths Became the Foundation for Progress Through Consistent and Tailored Care

This case study highlights the importance of tailored care and the profound impact it can have on families facing complex challenges. Leaf Complex Care’s approach not only transformed the lives of Harley and his mother but also demonstrated the organisation’s dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve.

Follow-Up Case Study: James's Continuous Journey Towards Independence and Joy

In 2020, James transitioned from a care setting that brought many challenging moments, a residential home, to a life filled with independence, support, and meaningful activities. Living with Autism, Sotos Syndrome, and Epilepsy, James’s journey with Leaf Complex Care created many heart-warming moments of continuous improvement through compassionate care.

Supporting Hayden's Journey Through High-Quality and CQC-Regulated Care

This profoundly moving case study highlights the importance of the transformative power of person-centred and comprehensive support Leaf Complex Care provides for Hayden, leading to an inspirational journey of positive progress and impact.

How Jacob's Strengths Became the Foundation for His Progress Through Person-Centred Care

Jacob’s strengths set the foundation of his progress through person-centred care, leading to positive outcomes. With the support of his dedicated team, Jacob gained confidence and independence, allowing him to attend college and engage in activities he loves, such as going to the cinema, attending football matches, camping, and enjoying barbecues. 

Supporting P.’s Strengths in Achieving Positive Outcomes Through Rapid Response

Leaf Complex Care acted as a guiding force, facilitating P’s journey toward many positive milestones, while his family found reassurance and trust in the comprehensive support provided. The dedicated support and trusting relationship with his caregivers enabled P.’s journey towards greater independence.

Implemented PBS Practices Enabled Will to Live Life on His Own Terms

Will is а young individual living with Down syndrome, a learning disability, and a speech delay, whose mother experienced difficulties finding consistent support due to behaviour that challenges. This case study demonstrates the support and solutions we at Leaf Complex Care implemented to help Will achieve his goals, increase independence, and overcome the barriers raised by his challenges. 

Afternoon tea with Ben, our longstanding client

At Leaf Complex Care, we often do check-ups on our clients. We want to make sure that they are happy with our service.

We put a lot of effort into delivering the care and support our clients need. This way, we ensure they can get to the point of being as independent as possible.

We want them to feel free to make their own choices, along with the help of our expert support workers. We want to help them have a better quality of life and be happier and healthier.

Providing Humanised Care That Allows James to Live Life with Greater Independence

With the compassionate and tailored support from Leaf Complex Care, James has experienced transformative outcomes that have significantly enhanced his quality of life. He has mastered new skills, such as getting his own drinks and effectively using social stories and symbols for communication, leading to a reduction in his reliance on medications. These achievements and his visibly increased happiness and confidence underscore the profound impact of personalised, human-centred care.

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