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Case Studies

Discover how our humanised care change lives for individuals with complex needs by imprinting empathy in every care journey. Our support workers improve people's quality of life on their path to becoming more independent.

Supporting Richard’s Journey of Living Life on His Own Terms Through Proactive PBS Strategies

How do We Support Richard ?

Richard is one of the young individuals we support to live a more fulfilled life who loves having long walks around in the woods and going out for social gatherings with his support workers. He is great at swimming and enjoys the time spent by the water. Richard also happens to have autism, global developmental delay, ADHD and is non-verbal

Transforming Harley's Life for the Better Through Personalised Support

How do We Support Harley ?

Harley is an 8-year-old boy diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), severe learning difficulties, and later diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

This case study highlights the importance of tailored care and the profound impact it can have on families facing complex challenges. Leaf Complex Care’s approach not only transformed the lives of Harley and his mother but also demonstrated the organisation’s dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve.

Follow-Up Case Study: James's Continuous Journey Towards Independence and Joy

How do We Support James ?

In 2020, James transitioned from a care setting that brought many challenging moments, a residential home, to a life filled with independence, support, and meaningful activities. Living with Autism, Sotos Syndrome, and Epilepsy, James’s journey with Leaf Complex Care created many heart-warming moments of continuous improvement through compassionate care.

How Our Carers at Leaf Complex Care Helped Hayden Manage Behavioural Challenges with PBS

How do We Support Hayden ?

Hayden is an 11-year-old boy with autism and ADHD. Hayden’s family encountered many challenges in finding care where his needs and requirements are met and where compassion intertwines with expertise. Seeking help from social care proved inadequate in providing tangible support since the school he went to couldn’t meet his needs. Hayden’s parents attended courses to learn strategies to assist the process. Still, physical support for his behaviour was lacking, and things became even more challenging for Hayden, including the whole family.

This profoundly moving case study highlights the importance of the transformative power of the person-centred and comprehensive support Leaf Complex Care provides for Hayden, leading to an inspirational journey of positive progress and impact.

Empowering Jacob's Journey: The Importance of Holistic and Person-Centred Care

How do We Support Jacob ?

Jacob is a young boy who has been diagnosed with a brain abnormality which is associated with a learning disability and behavioural difficulty. Initially, he would get a couple of hours of respite care during the week, enabling his mother to study and change her career path. But the care and support weren’t proper, which led to many challenging times in Jacob’s and his family’s lives. As a dedicated provider of continuous and consistent care, Leaf Complex Care stepped in to address Jacob’s specific needs, aiming to create an environment where he feels safe and understood. 

The Importance of Person-Centred Care - The Story of P.

How do We Support P ?

At 24 years of age, P is one of five children living with Autism and a Learning Disability, including several diagnoses. During the most challenging phase of P’s life, Leaf Complex Care stepped in and provided person-centred support by developing solutions that have had a significant positive impact on P and his family’s lives.

“As his mum, I will always have his back and will never stop worrying about him. But, with Leaf Complex Care working with him, I can relax. I know he is in safe hands.” – says his mum

How our humanised approach made an impact on Will’s life?

How do We Support Will?

This case study highlights the importance of person-centred care through the story of Will.

Will is a 24-year-old man diagnosed with Down syndrome, a learning disability, and a speech delay, who had difficulty finding consistent support due to behaviour that challenges. Before receiving support from Leaf Complex Care, Will experienced multiple care providers over eight years, negatively affecting his mental and emotional health.

This case study will demonstrate the support and solutions we at Leaf Complex Care implemented to help Will achieve his goals, build his independence, and overcome the barriers raised by his conditions. 

Afternoon tea with Ben, our longstanding client

How do We Support Ben?

At Leaf Complex Care, we often do check-ups on our clients. We want to make sure that they are happy with our service.

We put a lot of effort into delivering the care and support our clients need. This way, we ensure they can get to the point of being as independent as possible.

We want them to feel free to make their own choices, along with the help of our expert support workers. We want to help them have a better quality of life and be happier and healthier.

The journey of our client James that lives with Autism, Sotos Syndrome and Epilepsy

How do We Support James?

We’ve built a consistent, skilled, and close-knit support team around James, so we’re able to recognise his triggers, act accordingly and stabilise his behaviour.

For example, James can find verbal communication difficult or confusing, so we used symbols and created social stories to communicate with him. We’ve helped with his comfort eating by introducing daily pots of snacks (labelled with the days of the week). Also, we’ve reduced James’ anti-psychotic medication by introducing non-drug therapies and practical support, so he is less likely to need as much medicine.

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