Follow-Up Case Study: James’s Continuous Journey Towards Independence and Joy



In 2020, James transitioned from a care setting that brought many challenging moments, a residential home, to a life filled with independence, support, and meaningful activities. Living with Autism, Sotos Syndrome, and Epilepsy, James’s journey with Leaf Complex Care created many heart-warming moments of continuous improvement through compassionate care. Click here to read James’ story, the challenges he faced and the detailed moments of his journey to create a better future from the moment we started working together.

This follow-up case study emphasises James's continued progress, highlighting the impact of Leaf's humanised care approach. Experience the story through the words of Daniel Welch, the Registered Manager of Leaf Complex Care in Exeter and Alex, one of James's support workers.

Continued Progress Through Empowerment

When Leaf Complex Care began working with James, a significant change occurred – James moved into his own home. With the support of two support workers throughout the day and night, James began to overcome challenges and live a fulfilling life through consistent care. 

When James was living in residential care, nothing was around his timetable of needs. He had to rely on when the bus was free, when staff could get to him, what the menu said for the food for the week, and shift patterns for getting up/going to bed. The communication with family was terrible, and we were not encouraged to have a say, despite us being a really close family. I, as mum, wanted so much more for J and for him to have control of his life with the right help.“, says his mother.

We’ve got methods of support that we use, and we know how to calm his anxiety. We still have challenges, but this is something that the staff is really achieving in the support they provide for James every day.‘ – says Daniel Welch, Registered Manager of Leaf Complex Care in Exeter.

Through regular trips to the store, drives, walks, and swimming sessions, James has gained confidence and become more socially active, interacting comfortably with familiar faces. 

All he needs is additional support to be able to live his own life. Since being with us, James has had a holiday in Disneyland. A staff member went with him and his family. And he’s got another holiday planned for next year. He enjoys anything Disney, so it is a great opportunity for him. – Daniel continues.

With a stable and supportive staff team, he now experiences a structured routine marked by activities that suit his interests and choices. 

Enabling Independence and Social Inclusion

One of the essential changes in James’s life is his improved independence and expanded social circle. With the support of his dedicated support workers, he engages in activities that bring him joy and a sense of accomplishment. Driving in particular, has become a source of significant pleasure for him. Additionally, he actively participates in social activities and builds connections with others. This has not only raised his self-esteem but has also enriched his overall well-being.

Leaf Complex Care’s humanised approach, emphasising James’s individuality and personal choices, has been crucial in his progress. The staff’s genuine care and respect for James as a human being have created an environment where he feels valued and understood. Acknowledging his anxieties and providing timely support have empowered him to navigate different situations confidently. 

 With good family involvement and working together, we have designed a timetable that means J is really happy. It is not perfect, but it is so much better than in the past. He is happy, he makes choices about what he eats (within reason), where he goes, and what he likes to do. He even chooses what staff he likes. J has the best life with as much control as he can, given his learning disability.”, adds his mother.

James’s support worker, Alexshares a profound connection with him. She conveys the depth of relationships Leaf Complex Care fosters with the people they serve by saying: 

At this point, it feels like a real honour to be working with James and supporting him. And it feels like he is my friend. I feel very grateful to have this opportunity to support him to have the best life he possibly can. Even being a small part of that is amazing.

James’s journey showcases the transformative power of person-centred care and unwavering support. 

James 1
james 3

A Heartfelt Message for the Families Facing Similar Challenges

Daniel shared a few words as a response to our question: What is your message for all families struggling to find the right support?

He says:

James is just one example of lots of individuals we have support that we have been able to make a difference to that. Maybe they are struggling where they are currently. We’ve been able to really get a person-centred care team following our humanised approach to be able to come and make a difference to the person, their families and people around them.

With the dedicated efforts of Leaf’s support workers, James continues to thrive, embracing life with newfound confidence, independence, and joy.

James’s journey serves as an inspiration, while Leaf Complex Care remains committed to its mission, ensuring everyone receives the respect, understanding, and support they deserve, paving the way for a life filled with purpose and fulfilment.

Our skilled clinicians at Leaf Complex Care can support you with care tailored to your specific needs. Contact us here on our website or directly call the office closest to your location.

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