Afternoon tea with Ben, our longstanding client

At Leaf Complex Care, we often do check-ups on our clients. We want to make sure that they are happy with our service.

We put a lot of effort into delivering the care and support our clients need. This way, we ensure they can get to the point of being as independent as possible.

We want them to feel free to make their own choices, along with the help of our expert support workers. We want to help them have a better quality of life and be happier and healthier.

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Ben’s Backstory

We want to share one of our recent encounters with our client named, Ben.
In the past, he’d been struggling with placement and finding a good support team. But now, after several years of caring for him, he feels he made the right choice and says he loves his support workers like they are his family.
Moreover, he says he can’t wait to wake up the next day and be with them. They’re fun to work with, and already know what he wants to do. They are in sync.

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We Continuously do Check-Ups on Our Clients

We are very proud of Ben’s progress. We constantly observe his mental and physical health and adjust our care and support to meet his needs.
After time spent with our support workers, we can easily say that he excels in every field.
On our call with Ben, we asked him if he wanted to come into our offices and have a cup of tea in our beautiful backyard. We spent one lovely afternoon with him and his support worker.
During this encounter, we discussed the things that have happened since we last saw him. Also, we talked about his past.

We Continuously do Check Ups on Our Clients​
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The Goal of This Meeting

The goal of this meeting was:
• To see how he feels about working with our company for many years now
• To tell us what’s his point of view on all the engagement and daily activities that our support workers provide
• To find out how has he benefited from working with our company
• To find out if he Is happy working with our support workers
• To evaluate if his physical and mental health improved since he started working with our company

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Important Key Points of Our Conversation With Ben

Here are some important key points that Ben told us during the conversation we had:

I feel much better. Before I started working for your company, I didn’t feel this way. I feel independent and safe. I can go everywhere I like on my own.

Your support workers are different. They really do care. We always do activities I like, and they teach me new things daily.

Before working with this company, the support workers didn’t care to engage with me. They didn’t have any activities planned for us to do together. This was the time when I started hanging around the wrong crowds. I did this only because it was so boring, and I had nothing to do during the day.

They had a really bad influence on me, and at the time, I didn’t feel good mentally and physically. This was when we decided to switch to a different company and encountered Leaf Complex Care.

Since I started working with Leaf Complex Care, I can say that I have had a great relationship with my support workers. I feel brilliant when they are around. I treat them like family. They are more than friends to me.

I love one of them in particular and love spending time with him. His name is Robert. I often go to see my family with Robert.

Every day I can’t wait to wake up and see where they will take me next. My favourite activities that we do together are:

Playing football with them
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Before I started working with Leaf Complex Care support workers, I feared crowds. Now, I can go into a crowded place and don’t have problems with it whatsoever. I’m so happy about this!

I’m also a part of a football team that plays for Exeter City. We have training weekly and have representation competitions monthly. I usually play as a striker and sometimes as a goalkeeper because I’m tall.

He told us he is really proud that he has a job as a delivery guy. His support worker drives the car, and he makes the deliveries. And he says that sometimes when the chef is very busy, he calls him in the kitchen for help with the packaging. He feels really useful there.

Also, he informed us that he is engaged now to his girlfriend, Tasha. He proposed to her with a ring that’s got diamonds on it. They are very much in love.

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What is Our Goal with These Kinds of Encounters With Our Clients?

We are really proud of him and his accomplishments. As a company, our vision and mission are family impact and teaming. We aim to create meaningful relationships with the people we work with because we want them to become our family.

We continuously try to find the best support workers so that we can offer the best complex care support to our clients who need us the most.

We want to provide them with the tools and daily engagement to improve their quality of life. We strive to make them healthier, happier, braver, and self-sufficient in
their daily activities.

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What is Our Goal with These Kinds of Encounters With Our Clients
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A Message to Ben

Ben, we hope you keep surprising us with your accomplishments and positive thinking. We are thrilled that you feel better and can’t wait for our next encounter.

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Our skilled clinicians at Leaf Complex Care can support you with care tailored to your specific needs. Contact us here on our website or directly call the office closest to your location.

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