Supporting Richard’s Journey of Living Life on His Own Terms Through Proactive PBS Strategies


Richard is one of the young individuals we support to live a more fulfilled life who loves having long walks around in the woods and going out for social gatherings with his support workers. He is great at swimming and enjoys the time spent by the water. Richard also happens to have autism, global developmental delay, ADHD and is non-verbal


Richard’s journey with Leaf Complex Care has been marked by the strong bond between him and the support workers the understanding and recognition of Richard’s strengths and aspirations. Our commitment to Richard’s needs and the best possible outcomes allowed us to build on these strengths together and create an environment that supports living on his own terms.

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Reflecting on the Past: The Story of Richard

Despite his unique abilities and strengths, Richard expressed himself by experiencing mobility and behavioural challenges. For Richard to live his best life, he needed to be surrounded by the right support and a compassionate team of support workers who would fulfil his needs.


In the past, although he had the full capacity to walk on his own, Richard got accustomed to using a wheelchair whenever he was out and about in the community. It gave him a sense of security, even when mobility limitations were never the real challenge. Richard was about to change his life for the better, and we were best placed to get involved in his journey towards greater independence. 

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How Meeting Our Support Workers Changed Everything

For Richard to feel safe and to achieve great outcomes, we knew we could enable a caring environment by taking a person-centred approach to support him. Through mutual collaboration, our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) team developed and implemented tailored plans and calming strategies. This approach aimed to build a trusting relationship with Richard where he can be understood, stabilise his behaviour, and gradually work towards his goals.


Leaf came along, and this was the first time someone actually asked what we needed, which was refreshing and gave me a new hope. Leaf did the assessment, and the people they sent they turned out to be more experienced.” – says Richard’s father.


As the bond between Richard and his support workers deepened, they started supporting him to walk and participate in the community without relying on a wheelchair. Richard began to thrive by implementing Positive Behaviour Support plans and proactive strategies. After just three months, Richard achieved his goal of walking in the community independently, marking a significant breakthrough in his journey.


He’s now walking about a two-mile walk easy, without problems, and that’s amazing. He’s happy to go on it, and admittedly, we did start by going to the cafe first, that’s Richard. He loves to walk around the woods and enjoys that walking gives him that stimulation required.’‘ – his father continues.

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The Impact of Leaf Complex Care's Support Workers

Richard’s progress extended beyond mobility and behaviour improvements. With consistent and proactive support from his dedicated support workers, Richard successfully overcame challenges related to dining in public spaces. Richard can now enjoy meals at local restaurants in the company of the people he loves, his support system.

We have been actively involved in supporting Richard’s needs tailored to living life on his terms. Richard has started actively participating in local community activities, showcasing the positive impact of our person-centred care and Positive Behaviour Support plans.

His improved quality of life has fostered a positive relationship with his family, and with continued support, Richard’s strengths became the foundation for his progress.

It is much easier than it used to be, way easier. When he goes swimming or something like that, he’s more relaxed. It’s more important to accept change, a life change, in certain things like swimming is on now. He’s happy to accept changes in that. So he is happier than he used to be.” – his father says.

 To enable a peaceful and safe environment to support Richard in stepping into the next phase in life – moving into his own flat with his staff support, which was our primary focus since the very beginning.

 Witnessing the positive transformation in Richard’s life inspires us to continue providing compassionate, CQC-regulated and dedicated care to those we serve.

Leaf Complex Care is committed to meeting the principles of delivering the right support, the right care and the right culture, promoting people’s Human Rights and dignity.

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Our skilled clinicians at Leaf Complex Care can support you with care tailored to your specific needs. Contact us here on our website or directly call the office closest to your location.

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