Why choose us?

We imprint our values in all our ventures.

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Tailored Complex Care at your home

Support Workers

24 hours a day 7, days a week

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We value our clinicians as our heroes. They are dedicated to their work and efficiently overcome every obstacle that comes along the way.


Time and time again, people reach out to us because they see our heroes in action. They see their passion and devotion to our clients. Moreover, our clients feel appreciated and safe when our clinicians take care of their personal and health care needs.

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We strive to be positive and aspirational because we believe in our individual and collective abilities. We support our clinicians every step of the way so they can feel appreciated. We believe that they can match that energy and give you the care you deserve this way.

The exciting part is that you don’t have to pay for any additional training that you need.
In Leaf Complex Care, training is completely free!

At Leaf Complex Care, we do things differently. We entail compassion in every service that we offer. We care, we focus, we listen, and we deliver. We treat our patients with dignity and respect and always value their input the most.

Each person we support is actively involved in choosing who supports them. All our support staff and clinicians are PBS trained and experienced in working with multidisciplinary teams.

Why choose Leaf Complex Care for your complex care needs?

We continuously strive to perfect our services. We choose to stay aligned with our values every day to benefit the people and the clinicians we support.

Being aligned is the most proven way to improve people’s lives. It is not something that happens with intention; it is something that we diligently work on for the well-being of the people we impact.

We truly try to change people’s lives by supporting and training our clinicians and improving the service that we provide for you.

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The area that we cover is extensive. We have offices in Bristol, Exeter, Slough and Birmingham, and we provide services within 50 miles radius of our offices. Therefore, we can provide care swiftly and promptly.

Our Impact stories speak about our company credibility and success


Gemma is the general manager for Leaf Complex Care and LD network, which are part of the Catalyst Care Group…


Katrina has been with our company for two years and comes from the healthcare sector, where she worked for ten years…


At Leaf Complex Care, we often do check-ups on our clients. We want to make sure that they are happy with our service…