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How Does Leaf Care Help You Respite Care?


How Does Leaf Complex Care Help You Respite Care? Be it in the case of an emergency or a short break, Leaf Complex Care is always available to step in swiftly to provide the needed respite home care services. We specialize in providing quality respite care services whenever and wherever you ...

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Leafcare putting you first


Leafcare putting you first Leafcare putting you first with personal, professional service to you and your family? Living with a disability or life debilitating illness is often a challenging experience. Not only can the individual themselves feel disadvantaged but it can also affect their loved ones and the people ...

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Sleeping And Waking Night Care


Sleeping And Waking Night Care What are sleeping night care and waking night care? These types of care are both provided for overnight care. Sleeping night care is where a carer will be available to help you or your loved one during the night, but usually only once ...

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What Is Domiciliary Care


What Is Domiciliary Care? Domiciliary care from a paid carer Domiciliary care is a type of care which allows you, or a loved one, to receive care in the comfort of your own home. You will receive regular visits from a fully trained, paid carer who can support ...

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