Domiciliary Care Definition

Domiciliary care is a type of care service that individuals can receive within the comfort of their own homes.

Often referred to as home care, this type of service can include:

Domiciliary care can benefit any individual with complex care needs. It provides safe and comfortable home care, and domiciliary care services can be adjusted to the personalised level of care your preferences and needs require.

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Why Is Domiciliary Care Important?

Domiciliary care can immensely benefit individuals requiring support and their families. One of the most important aspects of domiciliary care is that an individual doesn’t go through a major change of environment and gets to remain in their own home.

When discussing domiciliary care, it’s crucial to mention residential care, as they offer similar options. However, residential care is provided to individuals living in residential settings rather than their own homes. This type of support can benefit individuals who also require socialising on a bigger scale or don’t have many family members or acquaintances nearby.

Domiciliary care provides one-to-one care in the comfort of a person’s own home and helps individuals live independently while being close to family and loved ones.

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Benefits of Domiciliary Care

Getting care support in a comfortable and familiar environment can be highly valuable in numerous ways. Below, we explain all the benefits of domiciliary care.

Environmental Comfort

Independence and Familiar Environment

One of the most significant benefits of domiciliary care is that individuals can remain independent in their everyday activities.

As domiciliary care is person-centred, individuals receiving support get to choose when they eat, bathe, or proceed with any other type of activity. In residential care homes, individuals often have to follow a more structured schedule throughout the day. While with domiciliary care, individuals get to live more independently in a familiar environment.

Tailored and Personalised Care Plans

Some domiciliary care providers offer tailored and personalised care plans. At Leaf Complex Care, our care is always tailored to the individual we serve, as we understand that each individual is different with unique needs, requirements and wants.

Therefore, creating support plans based on the unique needs of each individual is one of our top priorities and individuals get immense value when a domiciliary carer is focused on their personal needs.

Person-Centred Approach

A person-centred approach puts the individual at the centre of their care. This includes respecting their needs, requirements and preferences while taking into consideration their opinion on their healthcare needs.

At Leaf Complex Care, our clinicians ensure high-quality care support by considering the individual’s needs, preferences, and goals while designing their personalised treatment plan. We’ve seen immense progress and benefits in individuals receiving care through this type of approach, including:

  • Development of a healthy and cooperative relationship between clinicians and the individuals we serve

  • Enhanced feelings of independence, dignity, and overall comfort

  • Improved well-being

  • An overall rise in the quality of care support

Maintaining Social Connections

Domiciliary care helps individuals maintain their social connections with friends and family within their community.

This is one of the most important aspects of domiciliary care, as it avoids the stress and discomfort that can appear when individuals move away from their community to receive care support. It also ensures that people stay active and integrated with their community.


Continuity of Care

Continuity of care refers to health care support provided to an individual on an ongoing basis. Additionally, in the continuity of care, the health care professional and the individuals supported are coordinated in all aspects.

Leaf Complex Care is a domiciliary care provider. Our team is always focused on ensuring continuity of care for the people we support. This is due to our unwavering belief that continuity of care provides positive outcomes and ensures a higher quality of life for the individuals we support.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Domiciliary care can immensely enhance the quality of life of individuals.

Domiciliary care eliminates many worries that individuals might have in relation to their care support. It allows people to maintain independence while receiving support in the comfort of their own homes that is tailored to their needs.

It’s crucial to mention that children, young adults, and older adults can all equally benefit from domiciliary care.

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Get Tailored and Personalised Care with Leaf Complex Care

At Leaf Complex Care, caring for individuals with kindness, dedication, and compassion is our lifelong mission. We provide personalised, person-centred support plans tailored to the unique needs and preferences of the people we serve.

Our clinicians are specially trained to support individuals in their own homes, allowing the people we support to stay close to their loved ones and within an environment they’re comfortable in.

We provide CQC-regulated care in Bristol, SloughSomerset and the Midlands.

If you or a loved one are looking for a high-quality domiciliary care provider, contact one of our offices for a personalised care plan.