Supporting Hayden’s Journey Through High-Quality and CQC-Regulated Care

This profoundly moving case study highlights the importance of the transformative power of person-centred and comprehensive support Leaf Complex Care provides for Hayden, leading to an inspirational journey of positive progress and regained independence.


Hayden is an 11-year-old boy living with autism and ADHD. Hayden’s family encountered many challenges in finding care where his needs and requirements are met and where compassion intertwines with expertise. Hayden’s parents attended courses to learn strategies to assist the process.

Despite Hayden’s unique abilities, he still had difficulty managing his emotions and daily tasks and interactions with his family. But the story took a positive turn and gave Hayden and his family hope when he needed it the most.

Reflecting on the Past: The Story of Hayden

Hayden faced many challenges. His past circumstances and experiences had influenced his behaviour greatly, and he was on a journey to unlearn many traits that were holding him back to be able to regain his independence and form strong bonds with his carers.


His story began after he was admitted to a mental health hospital because he experienced behaviour that challenges. After he was released from the hospital due to media coverage of his story, he found himself feeling isolated. At this point, his family knew that they needed to step up and find the right support system for Hayden that would provide him with the opportunity to regain his independence and confidence.

Facing the Challenges

Actively seeking the right support, his parents needed assurance that there would be more investment in their child’s future than before. They expected that he would be able to receive the support that would suit him and make him feel safe. 


We (parents) don’t have a chance to look out for our mental health, and that is what’s impacted most. I think it’s the isolation, being able to socialise, feeling trapped, feeling like you can’t help your own child, but yet you can’t get the support you need to enable you to do that. And that feels awful as a parent, for any parent to have to go through, let alone you’re still battling that and having doors shut in your face when you just ask for support so your child can thrive.” – says Jaycee, his mom. 


How Meeting Our Support Workers Changed Everything

Leaf Complex Care’s support workers, who started working alongside Hyden to support his journey, immediately understood and utilised the right support techniques to enable his journey on improvement and regaining his independence.  His well-being was at the heart of everything that they did.

With the initial 5:1 support, the staff got to know Hayden better and developed a strong bond based on trust and great friendship. With an established personalised PBS and care plan that reflects Hayden’s current support needs, the support workers ensured they knew the care plan before supporting Hayden, focusing on the right care. 

Highly trained in managing behaviour that challenges, the support staff understood Hayden’s triggers and how to support him at those moments. Hayden became happier and more social, completing many activities such as swimming, trampolining, bowling, and writing. 

He visits different parks and landmarks he saw in his favourite books and wants to visit them with his support workers. He then goes home, shares the adventure with his parents, and draws pictures of the whole experience.

Hayden had built a positive and trusting relationship with his team, and he no longer experienced bigger challenges. He has a consistent team that knows Hayden well, significantly impacting every aspect of his life. Due to this positive shift, the support has been reduced to 2:1.  

His mom adds: Hayden is happy and can go and choose the activities he wants to do. Hayden has two carers who support him every day. They have built a great relationship with him. They know him very well, almost as well as us as parents. They can see him getting dysregulated before it happens, which often makes the whole difference to the day because it gives him a chance to be supported at the moment and do what he loves the most.”

The Impact of Leaf Complex Care's Support Workers

To help him achieve positive outcomes, as his care provider, Leaf Complex Care ensured that Hayden has an extensive network of support from the internal team, such as our PBS practitioner and speech and language therapist, to provide a personalised care plan.  Hayden does many new community-based activities, which he enjoys and has been incorporated into his timetable.


I started working the care package when Hayden was 11 years old. It started 5:1, and now it is 2:1. We worked so hard; it was a long journey to be where we are with Hayden. He used to protest so much in different ways, but knowing your passion for care, we supported him to be who he is today. We don’t see much of the risks happening now.” – says Steven, one of Hayden’s support workers.

The support workers worked with Hayden alongside his family, the local authorities and the educational setting to meet his needs. Hayden began his educational journey with successful regular tutoring for 2 hours daily, providing personalised support. Hayden’s team continuously meets to discuss and review the support plan and ensure they all support the same person-centred and humanised approach.

It’s refreshing to have a team that understands and has the knowledge of how to support Hayden.” – says his father.

Things are going well; we are really happy with how everything is going and more importantly, Hayden is so happy and looks forward to each day. We can’t thank you all enough. Even professionals visiting him are shocked at the difference in him.” – adds Jaycee.  

We aim for Hayden to feel safe and supported, have a stable home environment where he can spend time with his family, and have his care team there

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