What is a home carer?

Home Care is a general term that we use to describe any form of care which allows you to stay at home. The types of care on offer can vary from a live-in carer, where you will have a carer staying and living with you in your house, to home carer, someone who will visit you regularly to provide your care program.

What does a home carer do?

A home carer will help you with everything that you require assistance with around the home – and outside of it as well. Some examples of their duties are:

  • Support with meals and food preparation.
  • Personal hygiene and washing.
  • Visiting the bathroom
  • Your carer can accompany you wherever you need them to, whether it is a small trip to the shops, attending your book club or even accompanying you on holiday.
  • They can be an opponent or an assistant with your favourite board games or leisure activities.
  • Your carer can help with your medication, and they can also help you to interact with medical professionals.
  • They can provide regular feedback to your family
what does a home carer do

However, there are more duties that your carer can assist with, and it will ultimately be up to you to decide what your priority needs are and which tasks you need assistance with. During our initial meeting with you, we can discuss the variety of services on offer and how we will tailor your care program to suit your needs.

As mentioned in the list of duties above, Home Care can extend beyond your home as well. This means that you will not have to give up any of the social activities that you love. Your carer will be able to accompany you on errands, trips to the shops, your book club or they can even come with you on a sunshine break. Your carer is your companion and friend, as much as your assistant.

We also encourage our customers to be aware that you don’t need to have a specific diagnosis, or to be in an unpleasant position to be able to consider Home Care. The service is available to anyone who needs extra support to sustain a high quality of life.

what conditions can home care help with

What conditions can home care help with?

There are many conditions that our carers are able to help with. We understand that there are several conditions, such as dementia, which come in different forms and our carers are given the full training and knowledge to understand the complex requirements involved with these conditions. As such, your carer will be fully prepared, empathetic and flexible when it comes to completing your daily tasks.

Our carers are also able to help with conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Down’s Syndrome and Parkinson’s. We also ensure that the carers are trained and equipped for helping with Stroke, as well as brain injuries and conditions affecting the spinal cord.

As well as the above list, our carers can support you with issues such as depression and anxiety. Whether you need someone to comfort you at night to ease any anxiety, or someone to talk to during a time when a mental health problem is affecting you more than usual, our carers will be able to help.

What qualities do you look for in a home carer?

When we are recruiting our carers, we look for many qualities. But above all, their natural ability to be empathetic, sensitive, caring and compassionate are the priorities for us. These qualities come above everything and as long as they show potential to thrive from our specialist training regime, then they will stand a great chance of being selected to work for us.

We do several background checks to ensure that our carers are the right people for us, as well as the right people for you.

what qualities to look in home carer

But we don’t just provide training at the start, we require carers to take part in refresher courses and they are given the opportunity to develop their skills in more advanced areas, to complement the knowledge and ability that they will already be able to offer you.

We will help you to choose a carer who feels “right” for you. All of our support staff are fully trained in all areas, but perhaps you will want someone who has specific interests, perhaps somebody who enjoys the same board games or card games as you. We’ll do our best to provide you with someone who knows your local area, has a good knowledge of local facilities and transport links.

Above all, we want you to be comfortable and happy with your carer, which is why we arrange for you to have a meeting with them beforehand. You will be able to ask any questions that you want to ask and let them know about any preferences that you have.

As there are different types of conditions that Home Care can support you with, there are also different types of Home Care. If you or your loved one has a condition such as dementia, we will provide someone with the compassion and patience to look after you at all times of the day. Your carer will be the reassuring voice that you need, whether they are visiting in the evening to help you get ready for bed, or whether they become a resident in your house.

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