What is Supported Living For People with Mental Health Challenges?

Without access to adequate support and social care, mental health conditions may take a heavy toll on an individual’s quality of life. Supported living services provide accommodation for individuals with mental health challenges and help people to retain their independence in all aspects of society.

Supported living services offer tailored care and support for people with mental health issues through several forms of supported housing. You may come across the following types of accommodation (as advised by social services):

  • Support services in one’s own home – help provided in a person’s own home by community care floating support workers, whilst living independently in your private space

  • Supported housing and group home schemes – shared living schemes, sheltered housing (residential block of flats with 24-hour on-hand support from specialist staff), and group homes.

  • Short term supported housing – crisis houses (an alternative to going into a hospital in case of severe symptoms, such as self harm, suicidal thoughts, or hallucinations)

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Examples of Community Care Services

Benefits of Supported Living for People with Mental Health Challenges

Supported living services aim to guide people with a wide range of mental health issues on their journey to recovery. Specialist staff provide clients with 24-hour tailored care in their own homes. This way, individuals can develop their living skills and achieve progress towards independence whilst keeping their comfort and privacy.

A supported living service scheme can have many benefits for individuals with a mental health disorder or disability, such as:

  • Living independently with access to support with personal care

  • Regaining motivation for completing different tasks

  • Strengthening relationships with family and friends

  • Advancing social skills and ambitions for a fulfilling life

  • Receiving compassionate, friendly advice through a gentle approach from trained staff

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Who Might Need Supported Living for Mental Health?

Support services are a suitable solution for anyone who cannot manage to lead an independent life due to a mental health condition. Supported living services can serve as an alternative to residential care for individuals who go through a particularly rough patch in their mental health journey, such as delusions, hallucinations, or self-harm.

Supported living services provide 24-hour care and support for people with the following mental health needs:

  • Anxiety disorder and panic attacks

  • Addictive behaviours

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Depression

  • Eating disorders

  • Personality disorders

  • Schizophrenia

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A dedicated collaborative approach from a supportive local community can lead people back to independence and improve their self-esteem. Apart from helping with everyday tasks, supported living services also do their best to improve individuals’ self-esteem and social skills.

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Maintaining Mental Health and Well-being in Supported Living Settings

Accommodation in supported housing schemes offer care and support in an environment where you keep your own tenancy rights. Depending on the individual’s personal needs and location, the level of support may vary from occasional visits every week to supporting people 24 hours on their property.

Support workers in these services enable you to:

  • Manage your medication and receive therapeutic treatments

  • Manage basic independent living skills, such as preparing your own meals, taking regular care of your personal hygiene, cleaning, and shopping

  • Develop financial skills and be in charge of personal payments, such as covering bills, budget planning, and claiming benefits

  • Achieve milestones in your education and career

  • Improve your social skills, nourish existing interpersonal relationships and build new ones

  • Maintain your physical well-being through sports and other activities

  • Lead an active and fulfilling life in your local community

  • Regain your confidence, motivation, and self-esteem

Support workers assist people’s mental health journeys with a friendly and compassionate approach. They aim to guide each individual on the pathway to recovery by tending to their unique emotional needs.

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Why Supported Living for People with Mental Health Challenges Brings Positive Impact?

Society often fails to provide suitable accommodation for individuals with complex care needs linked to mental health conditions. Treatment with medication alone might fail to help people lead a fulfilling life, and an admission to a hospital can be a traumatic experience. This is where supported living services come in.

Supported living services offer a unique, humanised approach to the accommodation of people with mental health conditions. These services offer individuals the opportunity for independence and access to professional support on their way to recovery. Supported housing schemes allow people to live as dignified members of their local communities.

Benefits and Impacts Provided by Community Care Services
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Supported Living for People with Mental Health Challenges with Leaf Complex Care

At Leaf Complex Care, we support people with mental health conditions as well as other complex needs and disabilities. For our team, creating a better world for vulnerable individuals is a lifelong mission. Our trained practitioners are dedicated to removing the barriers that society imposes on individuals with mental health needs and help people to achieve their full potential. Our goal is to leave an impact on each individual, cater to their unique needs with compassion, and support their progress in all aspects of life.

If you have a loved one with a mental health disorder that poses a risk to their quality of life and wellbeing, all you need is to contact us at our phone number or via email. We currently provide support services for children and adults with mental health needs in Bristol, Exeter, Slough, and the Midlands.

Become a Support Worker for People with Mental Health Challenges

Joining the Leaf Complex Care family as a practitioner is more than just a career. Our team offers you the chance to be a part of a great mission and leave an impact on the lives of people with complex care needs. We’re looking for aspiring clinicians with patience and compassion in providing tailored care to vulnerable individuals. 

If you want to support people on their journey towards independent living, this is the right place for you. Apply Now, send your details our way, and make the first step towards changing people’s lives. The best part is that Leaf Complex Care offers free training for every clinician.