Is Asperger’s a Learning Disability

Asperger’s syndrome is an ailment discovered from childhood that affects the potential to associate and communicate properly with people. It is categorized as an ailment under the autism scope. Studies have shown that people with Asperger’s tend to have a greater level of functionality compared to other autistic sicknesses.

Although Asperger’s is not a learning disability, individuals with Asperger’s disorder can experience learning disabilities. Also, they may battle with other difficulties in their life, like anxiety. More so, they would have a great need for support as they grow.

Individuals with Asperger’s understand the world differently by seeing, hearing, and feeling things compared to normal people around them.

There are a lot of cases of autism recorded every time. In the United Kingdom, the statistic of autism diagnosed people is 1 person out of 100. People with autism usually find it difficult to interact socially with others. The level of this condition differs between individuals.

Although some people choose not to have a proper diagnosis of this condition, others benefit from the diagnosis by being lectured on why they suffer from some complications and how they can get over these complications. Listed below are some characteristics of Asperger’s found in diagnosed patients.

Communication Disparities

Generally, people with autism (Asperger’s inclusively) experience difficulties communicating verbally and nonverbally. They can barely understand codes during conversations, like changes in voice tones.

Due to their dull personality and low level of understanding, they cannot detect jokes and sarcasm. Also, they do not easily understand signs and communications made with the face.

Communication Disparities

Inability to Interact Socially

Individuals that have Asperger’s experience difficulties when it comes to interacting and socializing with members of the society. Occasionally, they can just be insensitive in dialogues and other real-life situations. Many times, they can just behave inappropriately or irritatingly.

Due to this interactive social imbalance, they can hardly make and keep friends. But as they age, they study people around them and interact based on how they have seen others interact. Whenever they have social events, they practice what they would say repeatedly, like it would help them keep their discussion flowing.

Repeated and Routined Activities

Repeated and Routined Activities

Individuals with Asperger’s love to repeat things and carry out activities routinely. It upsets them when situations arise without prior notice. For instance, they value routines very much, but they lose balance and run into anxiety and discomfort when something unexpected comes up. They tend to get angry when their routines are changed, or activities are arranged against their preference.

Skill Interest and Mastery

People who have Asperger’s usually have big interests in certain fields. And in most cases, these skills of interest are observed from their early ages. If they are allowed to thrive in a field that supports those skills, they usually do well and become masters. These interests could range from artistic designs to mathematical calculations, music, engineering, photography, and many other fascinating things.

A notable example of someone with this condition is the great music writer and director Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. As an Aspergian, he was discovered to have begun music composition from an early age. He kept up this skill till he died.

Psychological Traumas

Usually, people with Asperger’s experience psychological traumas from their adolescent age. In many reported cases, they are usually depressed and anxious. Sadly, Aspergians, at their young ages, are subjected to suicide. This suicidal condition arises mostly from their depressed and anxious state.

Psychological Traumas


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