James’ story

james story

James, who is in his twenties, lives with Sotos syndrome and is on the autistic spectrum. He also lives with epilepsy. Before we started working with James he was being supported at a residential home, where his needs were not being met and where he was showing little progression. James is now supported by our team, in his own home.

In his previous home, inconsistent staffing and a lack of communication meant James’ support team often struggled to understand his behaviour, resulting in episodes of escalating behaviour that challenged people around him. We’ve built a consistent, skilled and close-knit support team around James so we’re able to recognise his triggers, act accordingly and stabilise his behaviour.

For example, James can find verbal communication difficult or confusing, so we used symbols and create social stories to communicate with him. We’ve helped with his comfort eating by introducing daily pots of snacks (labelled with the days of the week) and we’ve reduced James’ anti-psychotic medication, by introducing non-drug therapies and practical support, so he is less likely to need as much medicine.

At James’ previous residential home, his family had less access to his support team and the working relationship was not as effective. The team at Leaf Complex Care have listened to and worked with James, and his circle of support (including his family) and this has contributed to his transformation. James’ mum says “We now know with a skilled staff team James can learn – he’s learnt more in six months than he did in six years! He now gets his own drinks from a jug: he would never have been able to associate being thirsty and having a drink before.” 

We also helped James move into his new home where our dedicated team of Support Workers are supporting him 24 hours a day. We have reduced the support he now receives 2:1 to 1:1. Sharon Jones, Registered Manager at Leaf Complex Care says “When we first met James he was understandably cautious of us but now his confidence has grown. He often pops into the office to say hello. He’s a real joy to be around and we especially love his cheekiness”.   

“There is no question for me that James’ life has improved beyond measure and without a skilled team this could not have happened.” Jennie, Jame’s mum

This is what James’ sister and Devon Partnership NHS Trust have to say about our care and support:

“James is happy with his core team, and they are managing his behaviours well. He is able to live a life of his choosing, with the appropriate boundaries put in place by a team that now know him well, and enjoy working with him. He is seemingly the happiest he has ever been in his adult life.” Rhiannon Hardy, James’ sister

“James’ family have indicated how happy they are with the quality and consistency of support. From the pre-planning stage, through transition and the on-going support – your team have provided excellent support for James.” James Rowley, Learning Disability Nurse

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