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James’ story

James' story James, who is in his twenties, lives with Sotos syndrome and is on the autistic spectrum. He also lives with epilepsy. Before we started working with James he was being supported at a residential home, where his needs were not being met and where he was showing little progression. James is now supported by our team, in his own home. In his previous home, inconsistent staffing and a lack of communication meant James’ support team often struggled to understand his behaviour, resulting in episodes of escalating behaviour that challenged people ...

Ben’s story

Ben's Story We recently caught up with Ben and members of his support team when they popped up to Bristol for the day and called in to the office. So what has Ben been up to since we last spoke with him?  Ben has recently moved into his own home which he describes as “really lovely” and has been working hard to stamp his own style on it. In preparation of a summer of outdoor socialising, with the help of Chris, Dan and Robert, he’s been tidying up the back garden including chopping down ...

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