Our Culture


Love & Kindness

We treat each other, our clinicians and our clients with compassion and inspire our clinicians to practice compassion in all interactions with our clients through our heart-centred approach.

Positive & Aspirational

We believe in our individual and collective ability, have certainty about our vision and purpose and aim to be the very best we can be and do the very best we can do for each other and for our clinicians and clients.

Open & Honest

We actively build strong relationships with each other and openly share ideas, challenges, feedback and decision making without fear or judgement.

Learning & Creativity

We are curious and open and receptive to new possibilities which causes us to think outside of traditional methods and to come up with new and innovative ways of doing things.

Relaxed and Professional

We portray a compassionate, caring and quality image both internally and externally without unnecessary formality.

Clinician & Client Led

We recognise the value that both our ‘clinicians’ and ‘clients’ bring and so our focus is on both in equal measure.

Aligned & Collaborative

We prioritise our shared vision over our individual agendas, accept and embrace ‘difference’, value the role that every member of the team plays and actively work ‘together’ to achieve it.

Focused & Productive

Our operational processes and systems enable us to maintain our focus on our vision and goals, to handle high volumes of work and to produce exceptional results fast.

Engaged and Conscientious

We have a strong connection to our vision and purpose and are highly energised by the role we play and in the work we do to achieve it.

Proud & Celebratory

We take pride in what we are about and in the work we do and actively celebrate our ‘wins’ which inspires us to achieve more.

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