Between the 12th – 15th October, we’ll be celebrating Work Life flexibility for National Work Life Week.

What is National Work Life Week? It’s a chance to allow employees and employers alike to consider their balance between work and home life. For employees, this can mean thinking about if they are satisfied with the time they have available to see their family, take part in external projects and enjoy some leisure time.

For employers, this is a chance to provide our team with various tasks and to broadcast our range of work life policies.

National Work Life Week UK

Flexible working and a healthy work life balance are not only great for employees, but also logical and effective for businesses. Employees who are given more trust, flexibility and time with their families are more likely to stay within the business in the longer term. Flexibility also helps to keep company morale at a level which will enhance productivity. It’s also a positive PR action for a business. A company that is flexible and employee-focused will be likely to attract and keep more applicants and staff members.

Covid-19 has changed our lives and changed the way we work. But we have used it as an opportunity to try new ways to live our lives. Many of us now work remotely.

Remote working is not only providing employees with more working options, but it is also helping to reduce stress levels within the office environment. In 2019, the majority of working adults stated that they had experienced some form of workplace stress. That number was up a notch from the previous year, and so it seems that there may be some advantages for companies who welcome home working.

In terms of remote working, workers were asked about their location preferences and what kind of environment they favour to do their jobs efficiently. Over half of the workers asked stated that they preferred working at home, with some of the popular reasons being that it saved time from not needing to travel so often, and it allowed for a healthier sleep routine.

Remote working has also allowed us to focus on keeping well and avoiding burnout, with employees able to adapt their homes to become suitable working environments. Which means they can choose their own décor and use their favourite mug for their morning coffee. This approach can increase overall, workplace happiness and encourages employees to take more time to look after themselves.

As our main core values are Family, Impact and Teaming, we recognise the valuable contributions from our family members and we offer our team the chance to take Wellness Days throughout the year. We encourage our family members to utilise their Wellness Days so that they can focus on their overall health and wellbeing, rest and recover – so that they are revitalized to produce some more excellent work for our team.

A healthy Work Life balance is important to us and we will continue to listen to our family members, collect feedback on our policies and we will always aim to ensure that our workforce are happy, healthy and energised.