Meet Tracy – Registered Manager for Leaf Complex Care, Bristol.

Tracy CraneOriginally from South Africa, Tracy left school at 16 to care for her mum and soon realised how much enjoyment she got from caring for someone. She also learnt very quickly the challenges carers can face.

Having worked in the care sector for nearly a decade, Tracy started her career as a Care Coordinator for one the UK’s largest independent providers of residential care for older people. Working closely with experienced and dedicated care teams to ensure loved one’s needs were met, Tracy learnt how important it is to deliver high-quality continuity of care, getting to know each individual and putting together care packages that would be unique to each and everyone’s needs and requirements.

Before starting at Leaf Complex Care, Bristol Tracy had worked as a Registered Manager for a charity providing high quality housing, care and support for older people in the South West and a leading national ‘care at home’ provider. Tracy has also worked as an Emergency Care Assistant working with paramedics as part of an emergency ambulance crew attending 999 calls.

At Leaf Complex Care, Bristol, Tracy will work closely with loved ones, their circle of support and other health and social care professionals to help plan personalised care and support – tailored to ensure we meet each individual’s needs and requirements, goals and aspirations.

“I love working with Leaf Complex Care as everyone I work with put loved ones we support and their families above everything.”

As well as being a busy mum of three boys (and three cats!) Tracy is a lifelong Liverpool supporter and she’s happiest when she’d by the sea with her family. Tracy’s favourite quote is ‘people will forget what you say and do for them, but they will never forget how you make them feel’.

You can contact Tracy on 0117 456 4799.