We’re there when you really need us. 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Our dedicated Rapid Response service provides intervention, prevention and support. And, we won’t just stop there.

We offer a continuity of care that aims to empower people we support to begin their journey of recovery by putting in place person-centred plans and positive behaviour support strategies.

If you know of someone with complex care needs who is a risk to themselves or others, or you have noticed behaviours that are rapidly escalating – call us. 

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We make the people we support feel safe and supported

Our team of Senior Specialist Practitioners and Specialist Practitioners are trained and skilled in dealing with urgent care and support needs. Wherever possible we will establish a therapeutic environment for people who may be vulnerable, emotional, anxious, disorientated, distressed or challenging in behaviour.

Heart-centred approaches

By listening to, and working with, each person and their circle of support we help them plan their care and support – tailoring the support we provide to meet individual needs and requirements, goals and aspirations.

We focus on prevention, calming and early intervention

If anyone is experiencing distress and displaying behaviours that challenge – we know how to minimise the risks to themselves and to others. With the right approach and level of understanding we can quickly build a rapport to provide immediate support. We offer proactive, active and reactive structured approaches to crisis intervention and management based on best practice

Engagement and inclusion

Working in partnership with families, carers and health and social care professionals, we develop detailed support plans and risk assessments to encourage and develop independent living skills and community engagement and inclusion.

Excellence and innovation

Following a detailed assessment and understanding of the support needs required, we ensure the person’s designated care team are fully trained to meet their support needs. Training is provided by in-house specialists, local authority professionals and accredited external partners.

‘I was really impressed by your knowledge of the individual, attitude towards him and his mother and your efforts to engage him in meaningful occupations’

College teacher