How Much Does Live-In Care Cost?

The cost of Live-In care

Live-In care is where you or a loved one can receive specialist care from the comfort of your own home. You will be allocated a carer who is specially trained to cater for your needs. Live-in care is a very different experience to living in a residential home, as your live-in carer will be there to solely focus on your care needs. This means that your carer will have the availability and the flexibility to go beyond their basic duties, and even accompany you on trips out to the shops, to medical appointments or on any other errands that you need to run.

There are a few variables which decide the cost of live-in care. These include how much care you need, how often you need the care and how many people in your household need care. There is unlikely to be a significant increase in cost for the care of more than one person compared to just one person, but the price will be slightly higher. Often, you will be looking at a price of just under £1000 (perhaps 800 or 900) per week for your own care. And if, for example, your husband or wife needs care too, this fee may rise to just above the £1000 threshold (perhaps 1100 or 1200).

the cost of live in care

Live-in care may also be a more financially feasible option than hourly care. The latter is where you can arrange for a carer to visit your home at specific times, and your carer will not live with you. But the costs for hourly care can be steep, and the costs can rise depending on your needs. If you find that your care requirements are increasing, or you need your carer to visit more often, then it may be worth considering a full-time, live-in carer.

the benefits of live in carer include

The benefits of a live-in carer can include:

  • Specialised, tailored care according to your needs.
  • A carer that is available at all times.
  • A carer who has been through an intense training regime in order to understand customer needs and requirements, and to be able to react to all situations.
  • Your care can go beyond their basic care duties, and they can even be a teammate or a competitor at your favourite hobbies – for example, if you love playing chess in the evening, your carer will be able to help you with this.
  • Your carer will be fully trained to help you with everything, including bathroom visits, preparing your Sunday roast, making your bedtime beverage and helping you to sleep at night.
  • You will be able to remain at home, making the situation more manageable for both you and your family.
  • We will arrange a care package tailored specifically for your needs, with a price range that is made clear to you throughout the process.

Ultimately, it will be up to you to consider which type of care is suitable for your needs and for your budget. We will be able to discuss with you the options that we offer and which ones are most applicable to your requirements. The difference between residential care and live-in care is that with a live-in carer, your carer will come to you, and their care will be tailored for your needs. They will even be able to help you with errands, going out to the shops and playing your favourite games in the evening. This may not be possible in a residential home, due to the busy schedules and multiple customers that the carers are required to care for.

Overall, you are likely looking at a cost of just under £1000 if you are looking for a live-in carer who is purely there for your needs. The cost may rise slightly if someone you live with requires care as well, but you will be able to stay at home and arrange a care program which suits your needs.

Leaf Complex Care offer specialist support based on an individual’s circumstances. This support includes care packages, which are tailored to all levels of learning disabilities. These packages are designed to allow an individual to live an independent life.

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