Home Care Or Nursing Home Care, Which Is Better?

The difference between home care and a nursing home can be significant. Home care is where you or your loved one will be able to stay in your own house and you will receive care on your doorstep. Whereas with a Nursing home, your loved one will be required to move into separate accommodation, where they will be looked after by carers and trained nurses.

Cost and value

Cost and value are always going to be big considerations when you are faced with the prospect of organising care for either yourself or a loved one. Understandably, your priorities are likely to be ensuring that your loved one is comfortable, happy and has assistance whenever they need it. But cost is a concern, as the price of care can vary depending on many factors – including where you live, how much care that you or your loved one needs, as well as how often the care is required.

In the United Kingdom, it can cost approximately £800 for you or your loved one to stay in a nursing home. This is usually around £200 more than the cost of a residential home, but this is due to the extra care that you or your loved one will receive from fully trained nurses. There are plenty of options to assist you with the finances, and you can get help from social services via your local council.

Whilst there is a slight increase in cost for home care services, it isn’t significant. A live-in carer can cost around £900, but this fee would rise by £200 or £300 if there is another person who lives in the same house who also requires home care. During a survey a few years ago, it was discovered that nearly half of all participants expected that home care would cost more than it actually does. And in a survey of home care satisfaction, the majority of participants stated that they felt their home care was good value for money.

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It may come as a surprise that home care is only slightly more expensive than care in a nursing home, but the costs for both services can vary depending on where you live, which company provides the care and how frequently the care services are required.

Whilst nursing care is often slowly lower cost, if you or your loved one would prefer to stay at home then you can discuss a suitable care package which is tailored to your needs and your budget.

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Nursing Home or Home Care: the benefits of both

Nursing home care will generally include:

  • Fully trained Nurses who will be on hand to provide care
  • Assistance with personal hygiene
  • A set menu to choose from at meal times
  • Assistance with putting clothes on and using the lavatory
  • You or your loved one will be required to move into a nursing home

Home care will usually include:

You or your loved one will be able to stay in their own home
Similar to Nursing home, personal care can include assistance with personal hygiene, getting dressed and using the toilet.
Home care will also include a tailored package to suit you or your loved ones needs – a carer who will be specially trained to support you or your loved one’s specific medical conditions, dietary requirements and medication.
Whilst Nursing care can be lower cost, home care includes a specialised package of care which is tailored to the needs of you or your loved one. But there are plenty of options to choose from, and there will be a care package and a care environment to suit everyone.

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