Duties Of Care Assistant: What Are They?

The duties of a care assistant include helping clients with personal grooming, eating and using the bathroom. Care assistants are also required to look after a client’s overall wellbeing, provide fresh bedsheets and accompany customers to medical appointments. Care assistants are also expected to encourage clients to interact socially with the people around them, and to engage in leisure activities.

Examples of Care Assistant Job Titles

There are a variety of job titles available for care assistants, which depend on the specific duties that will be performed and the environment that the carer will be working in. Some examples of job titles include:

However, these are only examples and the company that is hiring for the position may use a different term.

Care Assistant skills and qualities

The list of skills and qualities for a care assistant tends to vary, as there are some skills or qualifications which are useful but not necessarily essential. An example of this would be the candidate’s academic qualifications, whereby GCSEs are desired but not always essential – other qualities, such as interpersonal skills and the ability to follow company policies may be a higher priority for the hiring company.

Whereas there are other qualities which are essential for a care assistant to possess. These skills include a high level of social skills and the ability to work with people of all ages – while clients will likely be of a specific age group, there will be regular instances where a care assistant will be required to interact with a customer’s family. Therefore, a friendly, welcoming and empathic personality is a must for working in this environment.

Training in first aid and CPR are useful to possess, but not always essential. It’s important that an applicant is able to follow company rules and procedures, as this will help to give clients the best quality of life possible, as well as creating a healthy and safe working environment.

Most of the time, applicants for this position will need a driving license and their own car, as part of their duties will be to accompany clients to medical appointments and to run errands. Cooking skills would also be advantageous as part of the position will involve assisting with meal preparation. The willingness and ability to perform housekeeping and cleaning tasks are often essential. These tasks can vary from changing bedsheets and washing clothes, to tidying, cleaning and polishing a client’s living area.

care assistant skills and qualities

An ability to build rapport, a positive bond and even a friendship with clients is required. Clients will often need a friend as much as an assistant, and they need somebody they can rely on and trust to support them with their daily needs.

Candidates for this position will need the flexibility to work to a Rota. The working schedule will often be split into multiple parts, for example it is common for a company to provide schedules with a “Week 1” and a “Week 2”. This system will often include staff working alternate weekends. This type of schedule tends to include, for example, staff working evenings and afternoon shifts during Week 1 and early mornings during Week 2.

care assistant heling elderly happy faces

Care Assistant job summary

In conclusion, a care assistant is required to support clients with daily activities, help with the completion of errands and ensure that their living area is clean and tidy. A care assistant must be friendly and personable, with the patience and empathy to support clients who may have complex medical conditions, and who will require support in every area of their life.

While not all skills and qualifications for this position are essential, it is advantage to have GCSEs and other academic qualifications, and first aid training would be useful too.